Emma has cultivated a remarkable career as a wedding photographer, showcasing her talent for capturing artfully crafted images that exquisitely embody the inherent beauty of life. She is based in Canada.

In her pursuit of designing personal spaces that resonated with her heritage, she yearned to find wall art pieces that truly reflected her roots. However, her search for fine art that encapsulated the essence of her heritage proved to be a challenging endeavor. It was during this quest that a realization took hold—she had to be the one to capture those images herself. Though it took years for the opportunity to revisit Lebanon, when it finally did, she unleashed her creative spirit, creating art that she knew belonged in the cherished space of her own home.

Before embarking on her esteemed career as a wedding photographer, Emma discovered solace in the realm of landscape and nature photography. Naturally, this passion seamlessly intertwined with her penchant for fine art wedding photography, forging a harmonious union of artistic pursuits that would shape her remarkable journey.

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  • ARWA I.

    "Emma Haidar's prints are a mainstay in my home. I don't just have one photo wall, but two! They act as the artistic focus of my home and every time I look at them, I am transported to another time and place in the Middle East - a place of fountains, gardens, intricate architecture and sublime beauty. These prints deserve to be platformed to their fullest extent in your living spaces. You will not regret it. In fact, you will most likely adapt your home to best highlight them (as I did!).Thank you so much Emma!"