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This collection is very special to me, because it is a culmination of a project I have wanted to share with the world for a very long time. The first collection that I will launch will be the Lebanon Collection.

In 2018 we traveled there and we dedicated the trip to explore Lebanon's natural sights and truly appreciate the country from that perspective.I took it all in, and would often marvel at how much of it’s history I didn’t know. I knew that I wanted a piece of Lebanon from my own perspective to be there in my daily life - in photograph form to honor my inner artist.

My other motive was to be able to share a new view of Lebanon than what is commonplace in the media. One that highlighted it's natural beauty, and history and culture.

On August 4, 2020, my home country of Lebanon, was rocked by a massive explosion in the Beirut Port. I was frozen for weeks after that. Every person who called Lebanon home was shaken by that senseless tragedy.

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For the first 30 days from this launch, 25% from every sale in this collection will be donated to a reputable organization in Lebanon, in order to provide aid to victims, their families and to help rebuilding efforts on the ground. After that, 10% of proceeds will be donated.

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