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Photography by Emma

Byblos Ruins

Byblos Ruins

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Capture a piece of history with this Byblos Ruins photo print from Lebanon. Printed with a vivid, bold hue, the image evokes a sense of excitement and discovery - perfect for those with a thirst for adventure. Hang it in your home for an exclusive and distinctive touch.

Embark on a voyage through time's embrace, where Byblos, the ancient city by the sea, beckons with its resplendent heritage, a portal to the dawn of civilization.

Nestled along the azure embrace of the Mediterranean Sea, Byblos emerges as an ancient jewel, boasting millennia of whispered tales. Here, where time's footprints are etched in stone, stands one of the world's oldest cities, a testament to enduring civilization. As an integral port in antiquity, Byblos fostered profound connections with the realm of Ancient Egypt, weaving a tapestry of cultural exchange. In these hallowed streets, the genesis of the modern-day alphabet unfolded, bestowed upon the world by the Phoenician souls that called this place home. Today, under the watchful eye of UNESCO, Byblos stands as a cherished World Heritage Site, a sanctuary where the curious souls of wanderers are enraptured by the echoes of ages past.


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