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Photography by Emma

Beiteddine Courtyard

Beiteddine Courtyard

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Experience the beauty of Lebanon's extraordinary past with this fine art print of the historic Beiteddine Courtyard. Captured by Emma,  this timeless piece is an exquisite addition to any wall, bringing a touch of old world elegance and sophistication.

Beiteddine Palace, an architectural masterpiece nestled in the scenic Chouf Mountains of Lebanon, is a stunning representation of Lebanese heritage and craftsmanship. This magnificent palace, built over a period of several decades during the 19th century, showcases a fusion of different architectural styles, reflecting the historical influences of various ruling dynasties.

The most impressive aspect of Beiteddine Palace's architecture lies in its intricate details. Elaborate geometric patterns, beautifully carved wooden panels, and delicate stucco work adorn the interiors, creating an ambiance of opulence and sophistication. The palace's courtyards are adorned with splendid fountains, adding to the overall sense of serenity and beauty.


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