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Photography by Emma

Cedars of Lebanon

Cedars of Lebanon

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Where gods once dwelled and ancient whispers still linger, behold the majestic Lebanon Cedar, a testament to nature's resilience and sacred beauty.

The cedar valleys in Lebanon are a testament to the country's rich natural heritage and cultural significance. Nestled within the majestic Lebanese mountains, these valleys are home to one of Lebanon's most iconic and revered symbols, the majestic Cedar of Lebanon (Cedrus libani).

The Cedar of Lebanon is an ancient and revered tree species, historically revered for its strength, beauty, and numerous practical uses. In fact, the cedar tree has deep-rooted cultural and religious significance in Lebanon, and it has been featured on the country's flag for centuries.

Cedar wood, resistant to decay and weather's whims, has shaped homes and sailed ships throughout the ages, carrying a trade legacy spanning over four millennia. Within the sacred groves, Sumerian legends whispered tales of gods, for the Cedars stood as their ethereal abode. Across holy scriptures, the Cedar's name resonates like a celestial refrain, echoing 72 times within the sacred verses of the Bible alone. Today, this cherished forest stands safeguarded, enchanting wanderers with its breathtaking vistas, an eternal allure for the awe-struck traveler.


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