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Photography by Emma

Old Souk

Old Souk

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Capture the colorful charm of the Old Souk of Byblos in your home with this exquisite photograph. Delicately detailed and masterfully composed, this piece provides a window into the ancient heart of Lebanon, rendered with timeless elegance. Let it bring a touch of history and romance into your decor.

Nestled on the scenic Mediterranean coast, Byblos, known as Jbeil to locals, stands as an illustrious witness to human history, boasting an unparalleled continuity of habitation for over 8000 years. A mere 20 miles from Beirut, this ancient city has flourished as a vital port and forged enduring bonds with the esteemed Ancient Egypt.

The cradle of the modern alphabet, Byblos proudly bears the legacy of the Phoenicians, its visionary inhabitants who pioneered this revolutionary system of writing. Its streets exude an aura of antiquity, with every step unveiling stories of empires risen and civilizations flourished.

Today, Byblos' rich heritage is safeguarded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, attracting cultural enthusiasts and intrepid travelers alike. Wander through the remnants of time, and you'll encounter echoes of the past that have transcended borders, touching the hearts of visitors from every corner of the globe.


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