Collection: The Lebanon Collection

This collection holds a special place in my heart as it represents a project I've longed to share with the world. The inaugural collection I'll be launching is the Lebanon Collection.

Back in 2018, we embarked on a memorable journey to Lebanon, solely dedicated to exploring its natural wonders and truly immersing ourselves in the country's essence. As I soaked in the breathtaking landscapes and delved into its rich history, I was awestruck by how much I still had to discover. I knew then that I wanted a tangible piece of Lebanon, a photographic representation that would honor my inner artist and become a part of my everyday life.

Beyond my personal aspirations, I sought to offer a fresh perspective on Lebanon—one that diverges from the commonplace narratives that may come to mind. My aim was to accentuate the nation's inherent allure, unveiling its resplendent natural beauty, and preserving its profound historical and cultural heritage.